Welcome to MINDPOP

MINDPOP ensures each and every student benefits from creative learning.

We believe that engaging students is key to learning. The more we engage their minds and imaginations, the more success they have in school and beyond. That rewarding moment when everything clicks – the epiphany we call a “mindpop” – is what excites and motivates students and teachers alike. And research shows it happens more often when teachers incorporate the arts into their lessons. Our goal at MINDPOP, then, is to help classrooms across Austin become rich in creative learning.


08/19/2014   Professional Development begins! Almost 1500 teachers will be trained in Creative Teaching

08/06/2014   Over 400 Principal's and 40 arts partners meet at Connect It! Thanks AISD!

07/17/2014   Join us for Pizza and Paperwork from 6:30 - 8:30 at the Asian American Resource Center at 8401 Cameron Rd.

Partner with MINDPOP

MINDPOP encourages partnerships with arts organizations dedicated to creative learning.

We would love to discuss our application process to help you become an implementing partner.

We encourage teaching artists to reach out to one of the many arts organizations that provide support to individuals.

Please contact karen.sullivan@mindpop.org for more information.

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