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A MINDPOP can be defined as that rewarding experience when everything clicks – in a brief moment elusive knowledge becomes real understanding.

In 2009, a group of dedicated Austin educators, philanthropists, parents and civic leaders came together for a collective MINDPOP. They found they all shared the belief that when creativity and the arts are integrated into school lessons, students are more engaged and learning improves. On this principle, MINDPOP was founded and now works to expand creative learning throughout Austin.


03/23/2016   A BIG thank you to our new partner, Spotify, as we wrap up the Kealing project! Read more here and stay tuned for more coverage.

03/14/2016   Local and national studies show the benefits of creative learning in classrooms. Here is MINDPOP's report of research highlights.

03/09/2016   Stay tuned for our new and improved website - Coming soon! Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest MINDPOP news

Partner with MINDPOP

MINDPOP encourages partnerships with arts organizations dedicated to creative learning.

We would love to discuss our application process to help you become an implementing partner.

We encourage teaching artists to reach out to one of the many arts organizations that provide support to individuals.

Please contact karen.sullivan@mindpop.org for more information.

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