Fellowship Program - Overview

The MINDPOP Fellowship for Creative Leadership allows students to contribute real, useful work to local businesses and see how their products can affect the community. Fellows are prepared for their next steps beyond high school by completing professional development training and expanding their creative problem solving skills. By the time our Fellows graduate, they will be ready – to write resumes, to ace interviews, and to bring their creativity to whatever projects they pursue.

Only ten fellows are selected each year through an application and interview process. We have high expectations for our Fellows in terms of professional integrity and participation, but they will be rewarded with serious growth as young professionals and newfound confidence in what they can achieve.

A year as a MINDPOP Fellow includes:

Application Process

Students undertake a rigorous application process that includes two interviews, a written or videotaped application, and submission of transcript, recommendations and other supporting materials.
Applications are due March 31, 2016 by midnight.
Applicants must attend an AISD public high school.


Fellows receive career and job training, including: interview skills, resume writing, career exploration, and preparation to work in a professional environment.

Summer Internships

Each Fellow interviews with 2-3 potential internship hosts. Fellows are then matched with a mentor and internship host for the summer. Fellows spend 6-8 weeks at an internship site working 10-15 hours a week, experiencing a professional environment while completing projects and duties that support their host sites. Mentors provide guidance and support, and help interns set and meet goals throughout the summer.

Creative Leadership Development

During the school year, Fellows will participate in 6-8 creative skill-building group sessions, as well as design and complete personal projects that challenge them to use their creativity in a way that impacts their community.


As graduates of the Fellowship, students will have access to a network of professionals and other Fellows as they move forward in their careers. Graduates will also have opportunities to speak with and support younger Fellows.