Creative Learning Initiative

The Creative Learning Initiative is a partnership among Austin ISD, MINDPOP, the City of Austin and over 40 arts and cultural organizations dedicated to student success through an arts-rich education.

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Research on creative learning shows two things:

1. Students attending arts-rich schools have better academic and social success,
2. Students in Austin do not have equal access to an arts-rich education.

We believe all students should have access to the powerful benefits of arts-rich schools that foster innovation, imagination, inquiry, hard-work and community. We’re creating a ten-year plan that values Equity & Access, Quality, Student Impact and Sustainability so that over time Austin ISD has a well coordinated, well researched approach to student achievement and student success using the arts and creative learning.

If the arts benefit students academically and creatively; prepares them for the workforce; helps keep students engaged in school until they graduate; and provides them with positive personal and social benefits, shouldn’t all students have access the these experiences?

The Any Given Child Initiative established the following goals:

Transforming the educational experience for any given child by:
1. Creating Arts-rich schools for all students
2. Creating a Community network that supports and sustains the arts-rich life of a child
3. Developing leaders and systems that support and sustain on-going, high quality creative learning
4. Demonstrating measurable impacts on students, families, schools and our community