Flashdrive offers learning experiences for Arts Providers in the Austin area to help strengthen the impact of creative learning in our classrooms and communities. MINDPOP works with artists and arts organizations currently offering professional learning to identify needs, gaps, and interests in the Teaching Artist field, then curates and organizes learning opportunities for the community.

Flashdrive focuses on six areas of learning and development:

In the Classroom

These sessions focus on topics directly related to teaching. Subjects include: Lesson Planning; Classroom Management; Skill Building; Learning Environments; Student Interaction.

The Business of Being a Teaching Artist

Everything you need to know about working as a professional Teaching Artist: Financial Information, Marketing; Business Plans; Networking; Finding Funding and Employment Opportunities; Self-Care; Work/Life Balance.

Professional Perspectives:

Discussions with leaders from various areas, including AISD and national organizations.

Diving Deeper: Theory, Development, and Reflection

These sessions will focus on Educational Theory; Youth Development; Reflective Practices.

Collective Impact

Collaborations, conversations, and events examining and furthering the impact of partnerships among MINDPOP educators, arts providers, funding bodies, and the city.

Arts Lab

Artist-led creative workshops for Arts Providers to find inspiration, replenish creative juices, try new art forms, and build community.

MINDPOP holds Quarterly Arts Meetings for community arts providers and teaching artists working with Austin's youth! If you are interested in becoming an arts partner or would like to know more about the meetings, please contact Karen Sullivan at karen.sullivan@mindpop.org.