Research and Advocacy

Creative Learning Research Highlights

Expanding creative learning in classrooms, schools & communities yields positive results. Below is a sample of national & local research that measures the benefits of Creative Learning & Arts Rich Schools: Low-income students attending arts rich schools are 2 times as likely to attend college by the age of 26. Graduation rates are 20% points higher for AISD high school students who are highly engaged in the arts. (Catteral 2010, MINDPOP 2012) Students engaged in creative learning opportunities show improved ... Read More.

Eric Booth's N.E.C. Commencement Speech

On May 20, 2012 Eric Booth - teacher, artists, businessman and leader in the field of arts education - gave the commencement speech at the New England Conservatory. Read the inspiring and intelligent yet accessible speech here! Read More.

Research: Arts.Ed creates Clearing House for Arts Ed Research!

Arts.Ed developed an extensive, on-line matrix that will lead you to research on any facet of arts education you can imagine! Sorted by outcomes of arts education: for students, for educators, in the context of in-school settings, and in the context of out-of-school settings—at varying educational-levels - this matrix provides exhaustive research for all types of audiences and needs. It's even fun to just look around! Check it out here Read More.

N.E.A.: New Report Findings 'The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth'

Photo courtesy of Paramount Theatre's Literacy to Life Program The Art Works News Room summarizes the new findings of the NEA report, 'The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth: Findings from Four Longitudinal Studies'. Read the article Read the Full Report Read More.

Article: "Arts Involvement Narrows Student Achievement Gap"

Image © 2010 Theatre Action Project Read the article by Tom Jacobs that discusses the findings of a new NEA report. The study found that disadvantaged students do better academically if they participate in the arts. Click here Read More.