What is the mission of MINDPOP?

MINDPOP ensures that each and every child benefits from creative learning.

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Why is Creative Learning Important?

We believe engaging students is key to learning. When their minds and imaginations are fully engaged, students develop the thinking and communication skills needed to innovate, create and find unique solutions. If they can make connections between new information and their own past experience, the result is deeper understanding and longer-term memory. We know these important connections occur more frequently when the arts are integrated into their schooling, but creative learning can happen anywhere, in the arts classroom, in lessons across the curriculum and in that rewarding moment when everything clicks – the epiphany we call a MINDPOP.

National, state and local research shows that when the arts are offered in schools and teachers incorporate creative learning strategies into their lessons, students are more engaged, have greater academic achievement, increased attendance, improved graduation rates, and are better prepared for college and career.

How Do We Support Creative Learning?

We TEACH educators, administrators, and artists when, why, and how to use creative learning techniques through professional development workshops.

We DESIGN creative learning plans for campuses and communities to give students more opportunity to engage and achieve.

We PARTNER with schools, arts organizations, universities and community centers to make the connections that allow us to address needs, combine resources and align our efforts to serve our students more equitably and effectively.

We MEASURE the results of creative learning for our students, partners and community to maximize our impact.